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( i work like 30 hrs a week so when im off work im just so lazy )

firemxtt ;ooc

                                    you’re either 
                    on my side
                                                      by my side
                              or in my fucking way
                                             choose [ w i s e l y ]

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( i should do drafts but naah )

f e a r does not work as long as there is h o p e.

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The Neighbourhood
Thank You
A Little Death


A Little Death - The Neighbourhood

shoot straight;

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( i wanted garry to come over since i got off early but he took like 2 hours to text me back so nevermind i’ll just be alone, sigh. )

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Panic! At the Disco
Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!
The End Of All Things

Whether near or far
         I am always yours
               Any change in time
                       We are young again

                                                           Lay us down
                                                           We’re in love

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These victors are angry Katniss, they’ll say anything to try and stop the games. I suggest you do the same.

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Brendon Burton - Untitled, 2013       Photography

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Elizabeth Scott, Living Dead Girl

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Here are some pics that are an accurate representation of my time away from Tumblr: 

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